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Monday, May 22, 2006

Kobe Bryant's father as Los Angeles Sparks's coach

Not only Kobe Bryant makes the news in his family. His father Joe Bryant is now Los Angeles Sparks coach.

It's important to remember that Bryant was an assistant for the WNBA team last season before taking over from the fired Henry Bibby with five games left. The Sparks went 4-1 under him, finished at .500 and made the playoffs.

Now, an entire season stretches out before "Jellybean". He got that nickname by shaking off defenders with a shimmy of his shoulders during eight years in the NBA.

"I keep the players nice and loose. I don't like to be a hollerer and a screamer," Bryant explains. "I like to think of myself not as a coach, but as a teacher. I tell them to enjoy the game and have fun. Things could be gone before you know it".