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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Japanese Tour has begun

Kobe Bryant is busy with a promotional tour in Asia. On Monday, he arrived in Tokyo, Japan. The Kobe 81 Tour, named after his record 81 points that he scored in a single game last season, will move to Beijing, China later this week.

And soon after his arrival, Kobe got down to doing what he knows best - playing basketball.

Indeed, a coaching clinic was arranged, and more than one hundred children waited for their star at Yoyogi Park, near downtown Tokyo.

About thirty lucky youngsters were picked for the clinic where Kobe gave an exhibition of his supreme skills that has helped him create many a record in his NBA career so far.

The LA Lakers star started off with a simple message for the kids.

"Have fun first of all, have fun and just enjoy it by playing basketball. I play this because I love to play. It's fun for me. And just on top of that just being creative.": Kobe Bryant.

Kobe's skills were sorely missed by the USA team in the recent World Championship that concluded in Japan on the weekend. A knee injury forced Bryant to skip the tournament and the US 'Dream Team' could only finish with a bronze medal.

Fans however made use of their time with Kobe.

They were eager to find out his favourite move, hoping there would be a secret weapon to the 28-year old's success.

"Normally I don't have a favourite one. I try practicing all of them. So, during the game there is one move I have to use and I need to feel comfortable to use. I do not have any particular one I favour. I just practice it and make it comfortable.": Kobe Bryant.

Bryant will continue on his Kobe 81 tour to Beijing, China later this week.